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Artstor is collaborating with Allan Langdale to share nearly 4,000 images of the historical architecture of Cyprus and more than 3,000 images of world art and architecture. The images from Cyprus focus on the lesser known and, in some cases, endangered architecture and archaeological sites of northern Cyprus. The archive includes Bronze Age sites such as Enkomi and the Tombs of the Kings, and the early Christian basilicas of Salamis. A significant portion of the collection is dedicated to the Byzantine architecture of the region, including examples that have received less attention from researchers since the embargo imposed on North Cyprus in 1974. There are very detailed sets of images of the better-known buildings, such as the Panagia Kanakaria. The Gothic monuments of the region are also well represented in the collection, including the medieval churches of Nicosia/Lefkoşa—such as the St. Sophia Cathedral and St. Nicholas Bedestan—and the Abbey of Bellapais. The most comprehensive portion of the collection focuses on the Lusignan Gothic churches of Famagusta, including St. Nicholas cathedral, St. George of the Greeks, St. George of the Latins, and Saints Peter and Paul. The images of images of world art and architecture capture sites in Cyprus, Albania, Italy, Croatia, Romania, Georgia, Bulgaria, Turkey, and Montenegro.

Allan Langdale is an art historian, photographer, and filmmaker whose current research interests are in Cyprus, where he has done work on the medieval and Venetian monuments of Famagusta. He also has interests in the theory and methodology of art history and film theory.

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Total size of collection* 6,146
Percentage of completion 90%
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* Image totals should be regarded as an approximation until a given collection is 100% complete. Users should also bear in mind that the number of images available to them may vary from country to country, reflecting ARTstor’s approach to addressing an international copyright landscape that itself varies from country to country.

Last updated: August 12, 2014

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