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Searching & browsing

Two search modes provide you flexibility in searching for images in the Artstor Digital Library:

Another way to discover Artstor content is by browsing. Browsing allows you to navigate through Artstor's categories to find images of interest. Three browse options are available:

As you become familiar with searching and browsing, you may want to combine these techniques to further refine your browse or search results.

You can learn more about searching and browsing in our Online Help.

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Organizing Images

As you find images that interest you, Artstor offers the ability to save them into groups. The image group utility within the Artstor Digital Library allows you to gather, organize, share, review, edit, print, or present your chosen images. Image groups are accessible from anywhere you can log in to the Artstor Digital Library.

Image groups are always saved into folders. When creating or opening a group to view, you must first specify the folder in which the group resides. All registered users are given a folder called "My work folder" where they can save multiple image groups. Users with instructor-level privileges may create additional folders that can be accessed by students or colleagues.

Folders can be configured in two ways: you can password-protect your folder, limiting access to students or colleagues with this password; or, you may freely share a folder with all registered users at your institution. Additionally, you may share write access (editing capability) with a colleague or student helping with a class.

Learn more about organizing images in our Online Help.

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