Key features

Searching, browsing, & organizing images

You may search and browse the over 1.8 million images in the Artstor Digital Library. Once you find images that interest you, Artstor provides tools that enable you to organize images into groups and share those groups with colleagues and students.

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Adding images

Artstor currently offers three ways to contribute and share local content through Artstor's network and viewing environment: personal, institutional, and contributed collections.

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Presenting images

We provide a number of ways to present Artstor images alongside your personal images both online and offline.

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Integrating with courseware & local systems

Instructors can easily share Artstor content with their students through local courseware systems such as Blackboard, WebCT, Sakai, or Moodle.

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Interdisciplinary uses

The images within the Artstor Digital Library have proven to be relevant for teaching and research in a variety of disciplines. Individuals in fields as diverse as American Studies, Anthropology, Asian Studies, Classical Studies, Literary Studies, Medieval Studies, Music, Religious Studies, Renaissance Studies, and Women's Studies have found Artstor useful.

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