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Find out firsthand why more than 1,700 institutions around the world subscribe. We offer institutions two options for exploring Artstor: online demonstrations, and 30-day trials of the Artstor Digital Library or Shared Shelf, our digital image management software.

Librarians and faculty can register here for a guided tour of Artstor's interdisciplinary images for teaching and research and a demonstration of our powerful tools for cataloging, managing, and distributing digital media, or sign up for an institution-wide trial. 

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Hashimoto Chikanobu (Japanese, 1838-1912) | Chiyoda no ôoku: Otachinoki (The Inner Precincts of Chiyoda: Evacuation) | 1896 | Portland Art Museum, Bequest of James Sumner Douglass

Artstor Digital Library

The Artstor Digital Library is available by subscription site-license to nonprofit institutions—universities, colleges, community colleges, museums, public libraries, and K-12 schools. Contact us if you are a librarian, administrator, or educator at a nonprofit institution interested in licensing Artstor.

Fees for colleges and universities in the United States are contingent on the Carnegie Classification of Institutions of Higher Education (2000). If your institution is a JSTOR subscriber, your Artstor classification will likely mirror your JSTOR classification; otherwise, please contact us to determine your classification.

You may preview an estimate of your institution's fees here.

Independent art schools, K-12 schools, museums, and public libraries use different criteria for classification. Special fees are offered for K-12 schools. Contact us for details.

Institutions outside of the United States can view a list of international agents or contact us for help.
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Jan van Kessel, European; Flemish, 1626 – 1679 | Peapods and Insects | circa 1650 | Data From: Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco

Shared Shelf

Shared Shelf is available as a stand-alone tool set or as an add-on license to Digital Library subscribers. Contact us and we will explain the trial process and provide you with an estimate of fees based on the needs of your institution, as well as guidance if you would like to migrate legacy content.
Tel: +1.877.771.4908 (Toll-free, USA and Canada only)