Ayesha Akhtar

User Services Assistant

Ayesha Akhtar is a User Services Assistant at Artstor. She works directly with our users to provide phone support and email support. Alongside her work at Artstor, Ayesha is a freelance artist. She is currently working on The Burqa Project, in which she photographs men wearing burqas in different neighborhoods in New York City. In addition, she is a seasoned crafter specializing in quilts, knits, and quirky stuffed animals. She is also a member of Jahajee Sisters, a nonprofit that empowers indo-Caribbean women to become leaders within their communities.

Prior to Artstor, Ayesha was a teaching artist at Apple Arts, a nonprofit whose mission is to provide art education to children experiencing homelessness, and an Apple specialist. Ayesha holds a BA in English with an emphasis in Creative writing, a concentration in Integrated Program in Humane Studies, and a minor in Studio Art from Kenyon College, in Gambier, OH.

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