JSTOR Forum Advisory Board and User Groups

Advisory Board
Roddy Austin, Associate Dean for Library IT & University Media Services, New York University
Patrick Callahan, Director, Purchase College Library, SUNY Purchase
Ching-Jung Chen, Associate Professor/Digital Scholarship Librarian, City College of New York
Danielle Dion, Director of De Paul Library, University of Saint Mary
Heather Gendron, Director of Robert B. Haas Family Arts Library, Yale University
Clem Guthro, Dean of the Library, Pollak Library, California State University at Fullerton
Mark Pompelia, Visual + Material Resource Librarian, Fleet Library, Rhode Island School of Design
Gregg Silvis, Associate University Librarian for Systems and Metadata Services, University of Delaware Library
Ann Whiteside, Assistant Dean for Information Services, Frances Loeb Library, Harvard University Graduate School of Design

Northeast User Group
Amy Herman, Curator of Visual Resources, Bard College
Barb Elam, Senior Coordinator, Visual Media Resources, Bard Graduate Center
Katy Collins, Manager, E-Resources, Brandeis University
Jennifer Stern, Fine Arts Visual Resources Curator, Brandeis University
Miriam Deutch, Associate Librarian for Research & Access Services, Brooklyn College
Larry Brown, Library Technology Specialist, Colby College
Martin Kelly, Assistant Director for Digital Collections, Colby College
Maggie Libby, Visual Resources Curator, Colby College
Janis DesMarais, Visual Resources Coordinator, College of the Holy Cross
Jason Kovari, Metadata Librarian, Cornell University
Bill Connor, Visual Resources Librarian, Harvard University
Joanne Donovan, Archivist for Audiovisual and Photograph Collections, Harvard University
Ann Whiteside, Librarian and Assistant Dean for Information Resources, Harvard University
Randi Millman-Brown, Visual Resources Curator, Department of Art History, Ithaca College
Ann Woodward, Curator, Visual Resources Collection, Johns Hopkins University
Jenni Rodda, Manager, Digital Media Services and Image Archive, New York University
Johanna Bauman, Visual Resources Curator, Pratt Institute
Missy Brown, Metadata Specialist, Pratt Institute
Trudy Jacoby, Director, Visual Resources Collection, Princeton University
Mark Pompelia, Visual and Material Resource Librarian, Rhode Island School of Design
Kimberly Detterbeck, Art Librarian, State University of New York, Purchase College
Gail Golderman, Electronic Media Librarian, Union College
Laura Grutzeck, Visual Resources Librarian, University of the Arts
Cindy Frank, Librarian, Architecture Library, Director, Visual Resources Collection, University of Maryland
Lauree Sails, Director, Michelle Smith Collaboratory for Visual Culture, University of Maryland
Louise Putnam, Visual Resources Manager, University of Massachusetts, Boston
Roxanne Lafleur, Image Specialist, University of Ottawa
Marci Hahn-Fabris, Curator of Visual Resources, Wellesley College
Susanne Javorski, Art Librarian, Wesleyan University
Leith Johnson, University Archivist, Wesleyan University
Susan Passman, Visual Resources Librarian, Wesleyan University
Jennifer Heise, Reference Librarian & Coordinator of Digital Services, Drew University

Midwest User Group
Laura Ponikvar, Director of Gund Library, Cleveland Institute of Art
Brooke Cox, Systems Librarian, DePauw University
Lora Farrell, Catalog and Digital Services Librarian, Kansas City Art Institute
Deborah Tinsley, Associate Librarian of Visual Resources, Kansas City Art Institute
Colette Brautigam, Visual Resources Librarian, Lawrence University
Allan Kohl, Visual Resources Librarian, Minneapolis College of Art and Design
Myung-Ja Han, Metadata Librarian, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

Southeast User Group
Jenna Duncan, Visual Resources Lecturer, University of North Carolina, Charlotte
Jeannine Keefer, Visual Resources Librarian and Pre-Architecture Advisor, University of Richmond
Mary O’Neill, Reference/Slide Librarian, University of the South, Sewanee
Ann Burns, Image Management Librarian, University of Virginia
David Germano, Professor, Department of Religious Studies, University of Virginia
Leslie Rahuba, Director of Visual Resources, University of Virginia
Lucie Stylianopoulos, Head of the Arts Libraries, Librarian for Archaeology and Classics, University of Virginia
Daniel Weiss, Assistant Director, Visual Resources Collection, University of Virginia
Mary Anne Dyer, Metadata Catalog Librarian, Virginia Commonwealth University

West User Group
Monica Rivero, Digital Curation Coordinator, Rice University
Andrew Taylor, Associate Curator, Visual Resources, Rice University
Kelley Vernon, Associate Curator, Rice University
Steve Ilott, Image Cataloger, University of California, San Diego
Greg Reser, Metadata Specialist, University of California, San Diego
Jane Carlin, Library Director, University of Puget Sound
Lori Ricigliano, Associate Director for User Services, University of Puget Sound

Work Records Special Interest Group
Amy Herman, Curator of Visual Resources, Bard College
Barbara Elam, Associate Director of Visual Media Resources and Study, Bard Graduate Center
Bill Connor, Visual Resources Librarian, Harvard University
Joanne Bloom, Photographic Resources Librarian, Harvard University
Joanne Donovan, Archivist, Harvard University
Jeremy Barney, Metadata and Digital Collections Librarian, Hope College
Sarah Daub, Special Collections Librarian / Visual Resources Coordinator, Philadelphia University
Ann Burns, Metadata Librarian, University of Virginia
Elizabeth Teaff, Librarian, Washington and Lee University
Susanne Javorski, Art Librarian, Wesleyan University
Amy McKenna, Assistant Visual Resources Curator, Williams College