Hartill Archive of Architecture and Allied Arts

Hartill Art Associates, Inc.

Abbey of St. Mary, towards east end, Rievaulx, United Kigdom. © Alec and/or Marlene Hartill

The Hartill Archive of Architecture and Allied Arts collection, consisting of nearly 17,000 high-resolution images, documents the architectural history of the Western world from Antiquity through the present, and from the Middle East to the Americas. The Archive includes thousands of details of architectural decoration, mosaics, sculpture and stained glass, as well as related decorative arts and public sculpture. It is exceptionally strong in European Medieval architecture and sculpture of the Romanesque and Gothic periods. Additionally, Modern architecture and sculpture are both well-represented. The Archive should be valuable to architectural historians, architects and students of architecture, and indeed to all scholars and teachers who deal with the built environment.

The images in this collection are, in the form of 35mm slides, widely used in teaching the history of architecture and art both in North America and abroad. Hartill Art Associates, Inc. was founded by Alec and Marlene Hartill and has been operating since 1977, providing educators, researchers, and media professionals with high quality color photography. The Hartill Archive of Architecture and Allied Arts collection in Artstor embodies virtually the entire Hartill Art Associates, Inc., archive through the year 2001, as well as some more recent works from photography campaigns in 2002 and 2003. All images were scanned from the firm's original color slide photography.